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Contactizer Pro and Communications


   I'm pleased to have found, and now bought, your application.  I actually originally installed it using Brew, so I hope that you keep supporting this fine packaging system.

  I'm a longtime Contactizer Pro User.   Its a fantastic app that I would keep using were it not for the fact that, after Aurelien left, there has been no support whatsoever.  Now, with the application sandboxing, there is no way to 'hack' it to keep it limping along.  So, ideally, I'd like to find a way to import the data I've collected over the years.  Since there are many direct mappings between CP and BP, is this something that is possible?

 Also, is there integration between BP and Phone Amego?  One thing I want is to consolidate all communications and information including phone calls when possible.   This was a feature of CP that I relied heavily upon.  





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