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Roadmap and El Capitan


  More and more i'm starting to use BPPro to replace the trouble Contactizer Pro.  Though there are many features of that product for which I still wait, I think I've cobbled together some decent approaches to replacing it.  

  That being said, it would be nice to have a Roadmap.  This would at least prevent me from checking the site every so often to see if somewhere there is made mention of a new release.  :-)  

   El Capitan is, for all intents and purposes, here.  So, I'm hopeful that there is a definitive plan for dealing with it once it starts to approach a critical mass.  

  Finally, I'm going to place a vote in for some sort of extensibility mechanism to allow us to expand on the basic fatures of BPPro without bother the dev team too much!

  If I didn't like the product I wouldn't be such a pest.  :-)



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