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Company field in Contacts

Why there is no Company field in the contact module? The interaction with "Contacts" from Mac is not easy. If i search a contact on my iPhone, there is always the name of the Company attached with the contact himself.

Slightly insane for this sort of app me thinks. I have 200 contacts that need to be assigned to companies and now I can't see where they need to go. 

So.  Given the import and sync from for apple and that even in Yosemite there is no ability to change views to reflect Companies - even though there is a field for it in the contact itself, its playing into the limitations of this software.

Basically Mac Contacts sucks for organization and this is dependent upon it.


In Apple Contacts, the company field is a little bit annoying because it is practical to store details about a contact very easily, but it is not powerful enough. When Blueprint imports a contact from Apple Contacts, it could take into account the company field, but it would have to create a new company and create a link between the company and the contact. This would be easy to implement. However, Blueprint would also create the company in Apple Contacts as any company created in Blueprint is also created in Apple Contacts. The company in the contact's company field would become a new record in Apple Contacts. Do you want that to happen?

Is there a reason that blueprint doesnt simply read and write the company field rather than duplicate the field. I don't understand.

The company field synchronisation was implemented in the version 2.2 released today.

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